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Where to purchase leather and supplies for crafting

Finding the right material and tools for the job is sometimes the entire battle. You have a great idea in your head for a project you want to bring to life however you don't know where to begin in terms of supply and materials. 

We want to shed some light on this topic and give you the step by step process we took to get to where we are today.

1. Think up or create a design or item you want to create.

2. Decide what material you wish to use, that being type of material, colour and hardware.

3. Search your area for local supply shops for all leather crafting needs.

4. If none are found in your area try to locate an online shop that sells products in your country/currency. Purchasing online as we all know can be very pricey with exchange rates and duties.

5. Finally, create relationships with the people behind the store front. You never know what you will need one day that may not be listed on the site itself or in the physical store front. You have a much better chance of finding what you are looking for if you simply ask!

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