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Hand selected textiles chosen from all over the world. From right here in Canada to Japan, USA and Europe. Selvedge Denim, Wool, Waxed Canvas, Cotton and everything else in between. For bag liners, blankets, jeans, project accents etc. OA Leather Supply has you covered.

Halley Stevensons - Everwax Olive: Heather 10oz


Halley Stevensons - Everwax Olive: Dandelion 10oz


Halley Stevensons - Everwax Olive: Poppy 10oz


Halley Stevensons - Everwax Olive: Field Bean 10oz


Halley Stevensons - Everwax Olive: Chestnut 10oz


Halley Stevensons - Everwax Olive: Unripe Raspberry 10oz


Halley Stevensons - Moss Green Waxed Canvas 37oz


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Japan Nihon Menpu - Olive Selvedge Denim 14oz


Artisan Japan - Black Selvedge Denim 23oz


Cone USA - Industrial Yellow Denim 10oz


Kaihara Japan - Stretch Black Denim 14oz


Japan Fuji Seiju - Yellow Multi-Color Wool 8oz


Japan Fuji Seiju - Red Multi-Color Wool 8oz


Woolrich USA - Multi-Colour Stripe Wool 9oz


USA Textile - Wool Blend Plaid Grey / Fuchsia 7.5oz


Victor Woolen Mills - Blue / Black Wool 13oz


USA Textile - Multi-Colour Wool 9oz


USA Textile - Burlington Navy Blue 11oz


Pendleton Woolen Mills - Dark Scarlet Red Wool 16oz


OA Waxed Canvas - Peanut 10oz


OA Waxed Canvas - Mocha 10oz


OA Waxed Canvas - Chocolate Brown 10oz


OA Waxed Canvas - Plum 10oz


OA Waxed Canvas - Red Dahlia 10oz


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