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Can I order samples?

Yes, since we created the "Smaller Cut" options for ordering leather, we ask that you please order 1 sq.ft (square foot) as a "Sample". We do not punch sample pieces as we have too many rare / limited leathers that may not be available long enough to do so.


What does "oz" (3-4oz, 4-5oz etc) mean?

Thickness of leather

- 3-4oz is quite thin, works well for wallets,

- 4-5oz / 5-6oz is a great bag / boot weight,

- 8-9oz / 9-10oz is ideal for belts

(There is no "right way", it is all preference. Any leather thickness / temper can be used for just about any project.. just depends how "substantial" or "stiff / soft" you want your project to be.)


What does "Temper" Mean?

How rigid / stiff the leather is. "Soft" is very pliable, "Firm" is more stiff and holds its shape. "Regular" is somewhere in between.


How do I know how much leather I need to order?

- Figure out square footage (sq.ft) for your projects: Multiply length by width (in INCHES) then divide by 144of all pieces.

- Be sure to order more than you need, if you project calls for 8 square feet for example.. order 10 to be safe. This allows you to cut around imperfections and have some breathing room.


What shape is my leather going to be cut? Can I specify?

- We always cut as square as possible. Ex. 4 sq.ft is typically cut 24" x 24".. however certain leather hides are smaller / can only be cut in a more rectangular way.

- This is a natural material cut by hand so lines will not be exactly straight and sometimes shapes will vary.. this is why it is important to order a bit more than you need.

- We do not cut leather into straps unless it is specified as a "Strap Leather". This is due to cutting large pieces out of available leather, not always leaving the ability to cut lengthwise.

- Specify custom dimensions in the "Notes" section of checkout if you require a specific shape.


Can you split leather down to a thinner weight?

- No, we do not offer splitting services.


Can I laser engrave on leather?

- Yes you can, Vegetable Tan leather is preferred, oil / chrome tan will work in most cases. Regular - Firm temper work best. 


Are all leather options restocked?

- In short, no. Although a lot of options such as Natural Veg Tan / Certain Belting Leathers etc are restocked, we offer the largest variety of options in the industry and not all leathers will return. We try to show as many new options as possible so naturally some lines will simply never return.


Can I order custom leather that is not available at OA?

- Yes you can. Depending on the type, tannage etc we should be able to get you whatever you are looking for. Please keep in mind the price will be significantly higher as having custom leather tanned is quite expensive. You will also be required to purchase a larger quantity. Typically between 500 - 3000 sq.ft.


Can I add my auction winnings to my cart?

 - Sadly no, we have tried to allow this as a feature however it is currently not available.

- Please make payment on winning auction immediately (you will receive an email). If you wait too long the auction will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

- If you purchase an order as well as make a payment on an auction order, your orders will be combined and shipping will be refunded (if applicable).


What is Popcorn Bidding on Auctions?

- Eliminates "Auction Poaching" ie. someone bidding at the very last second, slightly higher than the highest bid to win. 

- 1 min. is added to clock after most recent bid near the deadline for a fair chance to counter bid if you decide to.

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