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The time has arrived to supply Canada leather

The time has arrived to supply Canada leather

Well, the time has finally arrived. The day job has been left behind, hung up and placed aside while we take this venture on full time. You all have been so amazing to work with and become friends with and this is just the very beginning. We are going to continue to bring you the finest of leather & supply so that you can be proud of what you are creating. 


It has been a long year full of absolutely no free time however i have enjoyed every minute of it. We are still small and up and coming so if you need something that you don't see available at this very moment in time please don't hesitate to reach out to us to see if we can bring it in for you! We are spreading our fingers all over north america for all of you and want to continue to do so until we are the largest at what we do. 


For now however please take care of yourselves and continue to reach out to us even if it isn't business related. You are more important than business to us.


Speak soon,



Owner Oakson Authentic & OA Leather Supply

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