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Full Side / Half Side / Quarter Side Pricing

Here at Oakson Authentic Leather Supply we are in search of the finest materials to use just like you. We are with you and for you. The time for fair options on premium supply is now.


We have created a very simple solution to a large problem facing all of us crafters. We want to have variety to work with, however not everyone has a wad of cash to burn on one or two pieces of material. So in comes our solution....


You deserve the variety and for that reason we offer all of our hides in size ranges custom made to tailor your square footage needs. We offer Full Side pricing, Half Side pricing and Quarter Side pricing, and it is as easy as you would think. If a hide is listed as 20 sq/ft, the Full Side price will be based on the full 20, alternatively if you choose to select a Half Side we will alter the hide accordingly and deliver 10 sq/ft to you and so on. 


It has been a true honour to meet and have you all join our family here at OA and if there is ever anything you need us to do for you please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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