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Building this up for all of us

Building this up for all of us

There is no better feeling than helping out others in any way possible and this has been an amazing experience thus far. It never occurred to me just how many people in Canada loved to work with this material and getting to know each and every one of you on a personal lever has been extremely rewarding. 

It is so hard finding high quality material at a decent price and it all started with us and myself. I just couldn't seem to find what i was looking for in both physical locations and online that catered to Canadians such as myself so i decided to take on the game myself and figure out a way to make the dream a reality. And right from day one i also always knew that it wasn't just myself i was doing it for but for all of you as well. Not everyone has endless amounts of time to set up websites and social media pages, build relationships across borders and sink every ounce of their being into something day in and day out without distraction. Not even i fit that bill however certain life events left me with a choice to really give something an honest shot and i went for it. Still to this day working a full time day job i will continue to strive to tilt the scale in the direction that makes me most happy and continue to supply all of you with what you deserve.

This company and family is still a long way from where it will be in the future but each day that passes is one day closer and one friend gained. You have all been such a big help and i want to give it all back as much as i can in any way i can. You are all fantastic artistic talented people and should be very proud of your stunning creations. 

Growing up i always imagined having a company of my own and dreamed of how i would operate it and if i can be honest i hated commercials, advertising, spam, pressure to purchase and the impersonal world of big box stores and their printed out "Thank you" signs with no real person attached to the phrase. I understand that it will be an uphill battle being primarily an online company due to the "i'm not there to actually see or feel it" dilemma however that is why i wanted to create an experience rather than shopping with pop ups and ads blasted into your eyes every 10 seconds. The idea of entering a shop and having no one throw your creative thoughts and inspiration off is a dream come true to me and that is what i love about this. You have to ability to enter my world and stay as long as you like, glance at anything that strikes your interest and browse multiple pictures or videos to get a real glimpse at what we have to offer. It's all about you. We aren't going to chase you down with robotic emails to say "You abandoned your cart, come back and spend money", that isn't what this is about. This is about you connecting with the materials that you desire for your own personal reasons, we are simply a highway for you to achieve that. The reason we offer free shipping flows in the same vein. Loading up a hypothetical shopping cart with items you would like to have and then getting slammed with extra costs and fees has to be one of the worst feelings in the world and i understand that first hand. This should be the most fluid, calm and exciting experience you have from beginning to end so that the dream can continue even after your supplies have been delivered to your door. When you un box what we took the time to package and send your way you should feel even more happiness and inspiration than you did when you first connected with what it is you are now holding.

I digress, Oakson Authentic Leather Supply is for us. It's for those who wish to create something using one of the most natural materials known to man and connecting with everyone around us to share in our experiences. If we don't hear from you for awhile thats okay, because we know the product we offer will not need replacing any time soon, but send us an email anyhow. Call us up, we want to know how YOU are as a person because this is more than just a company, it is a family in the making. And we care about each and every one of you.

And if you don't believe me test it out for yourself.


Email me at and see for yourself that we aren't in this just to make money, we are in this for you. 


Warm Regards,

Ian Guenter

Owner/Founder - Oakson Authentic & OA Leather Supply

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