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OAO Tools - Japanese Skiving Knife

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OAO - OA Original 

Skiving knife made by the same process as the ancient Japanese sword smith.
It is a 100% handmade product that is the result of many years of experience and skilled craftsmanship.

1.) The blade is made of Yasugi speciality steel (Blue steel).
Using the same process as that used in sword smithing, the metal is heated to bright red and beaten to create a blade that combines two types of steel (Yasugi speciality steel + soft steel), while at the same time increasing the metal density (hardness).
The steel must be hard and tenacious to cut as sharp as a sword, while the base metal must be soft and brittle.
You will experience a sharpness that cannot be achieved with mass-produced pressed products.

2.) When sharpening with stones, apply in the following order..
Roudh sharpening stone, medium sharpening stone, and fine sharpening stone.

3.) The blade of a conventional skiving knife is not symmetrical.
The bad point of conventional knives is that the force applied to the blade changes during sharpening because the blade is not symmetrical.
The blade could not be sharpened well, and the blade often became askew as shown in the image above.
By making the blade symmetrical, it is easy to equalize the force when sharpening the blade from left to right.
Since sharpening is always necessary, we aimed to create a skiving knife that is easy to sharpen.

4.) Dimensions of wooden handle.
30mm (length 105mm/ Vertical 21mm/ horizontal 27mm)
Magnolia obokata is used for the wooden handle.
Magnolia obokata is used for Japanese sword sheaths and knives.
Magnolia obokata is a wood with high oil content.
Magnolia obokata is highly resistant to water when sharpening blades with water, and the metal parts inserted into the wooden handle are resistant to rust.

5.) Brand imprinted on the blade.


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