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We are the proud Official Canadian Distributors of Sepici Leather. Since 1930 Sepici has a very rich heritage in pit vegetable tanning methods and yields firm, flexible and tight grain leathers with embossing retention properties that can be refined in many ways to adapt to different uses. These uses vary from smaller leather goods for tooling to belts, upholstery, handbags and equestrian equipment.

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Sepici - Crazy Horse Dark Cedar 5-6oz

from $13.50

Sepici - Natural Veg Tan 6-7oz CUSTOM STRAP LENGTHS

from $6.75

Sepici - Natural Veg Tan - 2-3oz

from $15.50

Lucy Saffiano - Blood Orange 3-4oz

from $10.99

Sepici Leather - Disco Silver Veg Tan 3-4oz

from $10.99

Sepici Leather - Rose Gold / Copper Veg Tan 3-4oz

from $11.99

Sepici Leather - Roulette (Mystery)

from $9.20

Lucy Saffiano - Dark Navy 3-4oz

from $12.61

Lucy Saffiano - Heart Beat Red 3-4oz

from $12.10

Lucy Saffiano - Matte Rouge 3-4oz

from $9.40

Lucy Saffiano - Fucia 3-4oz

from $11.37

Lucy Saffiano - Chocolate Brown 3-4oz

from $9.00

Sepici - Natural Veg Tan 8-9oz CUSTOM STRAP LENGTHS

from $6.75

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