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buckles hardware snaps rivets hooks canada supplier of leather craft hardware

Premium Hardware & Supply for Leather Crafters

We now carry world class hardware that is built to last a lifetime! From buckles and snaps to rivets and hooks. We will be your Canadian supplier for all of your hardware needs.

It is time that we dive into the rest of the leather crafting world. We already have the premium hide category taken care of and now we will be focusing our efforts on hardware and at this time we will also announce that we will be bringing in tools from the famous C.S. Osborne Tool company as well!! 

Stay tuned all and reach out anytime!!


Speak soon,


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  • I’m an amateur buckskin craftsman and I’m looking to restart in crafting buckskin jackets made by hand. I’m looking for sinew, leather hole puncher, and scissors or cutting tools but I can’t see these things in your overhead. Could you help?
    I love your supply of leathers and like your input as to what would be a good sustainable leather for jackets.

    Christopher Seffelaar

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